A defined process with positive outcomes.

Sergio Galli Design Build works closely with all clients to make their vision a reality. This process begins with the design phase, wherein Galli meshes his expertise and imagination with the taste of his client, creating an inspired custom home design.


During the pre-design phase, Sergio Galli Design Build reviews the client’s goals and asks extensive questions to establish the scope of the project. After listening to the client’s ideas, inspirations and requirements, a set of detailed notes is established, which become the program for the project.

Schematic Design

In the schematic design phase, concepts or “schemes” are developed for the client’s custom home based on discussions and findings. The client is presented with hand-drafted site plans, floor plans and elevation drawings, and the schemes may be additionally illustrated with a three-dimensional physical or computer model. The client will be shown preliminary furniture layouts, window placements and solutions for the kitchen and bathroom. After the concept is reviewed and refined, the client may be presented with more than one round of schematic designs until the plan is perfected.

Design Development & Working Drawings

Once the schematic design for the client’s new home is approved, the design development phase commences. Here, the design is fine-tuned and will begin to incorporate structural, basic mechanical and electrical systems. Sergio Galli also works closely with the client to select exterior and interior materials, windows and other major components. Near the end of design development, the client is presented with a price estimate, which can be adjusted to suit the client’s unique budget and the final scope for the project using the firm’s cost-plus pricing approach. Once the budget and scope have been finalized at the end of the design development phase, construction will begin.


The unique system established by Sergio Galli Design Build allows the design process to segue seamlessly into the construction phase, which is also managed in-house and overseen by Galli himself. Progress reports are provided periodically and walk-throughs are scheduled at every key stage during construction, allowing clients to understand the nuances of the process and experience firsthand how their dreams are being transformed into a reality.


Interior Design

The most satisfying custom homes are those in which the interior design is seamlessly integrated with the architecture of the house. The luxury interior design services offered by Sergio Galli Design Build have been trusted for decades and are renowned for providing homeowners with a style that best suits their individual taste.

Sergio Galli believes in furnishing the client’s home on paper before it is built in order to give them a clear image of the finished design. Galli will navigate the client through the selection process of colours, textures, finishes and furnishings to compose a layout that they will feel at home in. Ultimately, their custom home will stand out with Galli’s signature flair, and with the firm’s attentive ear and creative solutions, the project will never stray from the integrity of the client’s desires or their family’s needs while curating the interior design for their home.

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